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5 Stars Removed Mildew from Wood Bar Stools

By Diana De Avila "MS Gkygrl" - This product did exactly what it was intended to do and did it rather easily. We had some mildewy (starting to mold) restaurant bar stools that we bought from someone that must have been in storage. When they were brought into our house initially they caused huge allergies with myself and my cat (yes, my cat has allergies too).
5 Stars Worked As Advertised

By Never Stop Learning "Truth" - Works As Advertised, It works well for us. Had a really bad tub with mildew. Applied with some scrubbing and mildew came right off. No odors and harsh chemicals as stated. Highly recommended!
5 Stars Worked For My Business

By Henry - As a mold professional for 20+ years, I am very happy with your guys products and service. I have been working with my clients using your products to help us with mold remediations. Their is nothing but great things about your mold kits. Thank you and keep up the great work.products. Please feel free to share this with your other customers.

1 Kathy Clausen
Thanks for your email. How refreshing to find a company where the customer truly matters. I'm looking forward to trying all your products after using your mold kit!
1 James T.
This has been a fabulous product from us. We used the Molderizer to clean the mold off and Safe Shield has prevented any from coming back. We use to use bleach and always have to clean after a few weeks later. This mold kit has been wonderful. I recommended it to everyone I know.
1 Barbara Stutz
Good product! I am amazed at how fast it works. Plus we haven't had any mold come back. Hats off to you guys and thank you. Molderizer and Safe Shield are the best mold products we have tried. Focus Financial Inc. 900-275 Slater Steet, Ottawa, ON K1P 5H9.


So you got deal with some mold do ya..? No worries:

If your a mold contractor, I am going to show you a solution that some of the largest mold companies would use to boom their profits like you wouldn't believe.

If you trying to get rid of a mold problem yourself, I am going to show you how the big boys get rid of black mold without having to do a full remediation or deal with toxic chemicals.

  • You Know You Have Mold
  • Not Sure What To Do Next
  • Concerned About Cost
  • Concerned About Your Health
  • Maybe You Think It's Just A Small Problem...
The Mold Removal Video On The Next Page Will Show You:
  • How To Get Rid of Your Mold Without Paying A Fortune...
  • How To Remove Mold... Plus Keep It Away For Good
  • Then End All Solution For Any Mold Problem


Listen, If you leave the mold sitting their... it will only get more expensive... and before you know it, you will be in a hotel room for a month. While some company is try to remediate the mold... so it doesn't come back.

Don't let this problem get worse.... and don't leave getting it removed properly to chance... Be prepared and use what the professionals use.


Let's Take A Deeper Look At The Beginning Of The End Of Your Mold Problem

Imagine....getting Educated online by our guides...
Then spraying on a non-toxic (2-in-1) mold cleaner and preventive solution

And in minutes.... Your Mold Problem is Gone...
Plus... you will not have the worry of any black mold coming back to haunt you!

  • No costly mold remediation...
  • No harsh mold chemicals or acids
  • No evacuation needed
  • No waiting weeks to get it done


  • Complimentary No Risk Sample Kit! (You keep it where you like the product or not... it's yours Free)
  • Proven Solutions Professionals Use Today
  • No Worried Of Chemicals: 100% Non-Toxic
  • No Need To Evacuate: 100% Bio Degradable Formula
  • Easy Fix To Remove Mold & Mildew
  • 2-in- 1 Mold Kit
    • Molderizer Breaks Apart The DNA of Mold
    • Safe Shield Will Clean & Create a Barrier On The Surface To Prevent Future Amplification
  • No Other Kit Can Do This In The United States


Don't put this off for tommorow.

Every day that passes... mold will only amplify... creating more risk to be spread throughout your entire home thru your A/C system and settling on your furniture and bedding.

Plus you are receiving a complimentary sample kit at no charge, AND special discounted price.

Sign In On The Page, Then On The Page Tell Us Where To Ship Your Mold Cleaning Kit.



  • Top Selling Mold Product since 2010
  • 100% Non Toxic
  • 100% Bio-Degradable
  • No Acids or Harsh Chemicals
Industry Recognition:
  • IAQ Council Top Recommended Mold Product
  • ISSA Voted Top New 2-in-1 Mold Formula In 2010
  • Commercial Mold Companies Secret Weapon
  • Government and Health Care Facilities Used


Mold amplifies immensely.... you may see just a few spots. But what is behind those spots. But what you will notice is as every night passes, those mold spores will continue to amplify throughout your home. Inside the A/C... then to the furniture and anywhere else their is moisture.

Don't let this mold amplify and spread through your air space... before you know it. It's too late.

You need to do this now, be sure to take advantage of this special on the page and receive your Molderizer & Safe Shield kit and start using it immediately.

The sooner you receive your kit, the sooner you can get over this dangerous experience.

You Have My 100% Personal Guarantee!

I am so determined that your mold problem will be out of your life forever.. if not I make sure you don't pay for the product... and to prevent you from wasting your time I am giving you the 8oz free sample. You still get to keep the sample bottle I send you... if you don't like the product! You have nothing to lose!

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